LentFebruary 2018

As we approach the season of Lent, which is usually a time of reflection, repentance and change, I would ask you to consider what this time leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection mean to you and your life.

We as American Christians have been so richly blessed by our awesome and merciful God. Just think about all the things that you have. Granted there are poor people in our country who suffer and go hungry every day, but even they are better off than the poor in other parts of the world. A lot of people “give things up” for lent to simulate the fasting that Jesus did while in the wilderness. Perhaps we should consider giving up something meaningful and life changing. After all, Jesus gave up everything for us.

We recently celebrated Christmas, the birth of the Christ. We give and receive gifts and it’s a time of great joy. But I’d like you to consider the cost that this was to God. He came down to us, giving up all the comfort and riches of heaven, to be with us. Not only to live as a human being, but knowing that this would lead to his death on a cross.

Jesus gave up everything to come to earth. God loves us so much that He came to forgive us and bear the weight of our sins. Jesus died so that we might have life, abundant life, as He put it.

This year as you prepare for Lent and the victory of Easter, consider making changes in your life that demonstrate your love and appreciation for what Jesus did for you.

In His Love,

Pastor Bill

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